Publicity Services

Communicating with authority, clarity and credibility

Press coverage

Good publicity campaign management leads to editorial coverage, which is not only cheaper than paying for advertising space, it is also far more effective, especially in publications that readers trust and respect.

PB Media Services can help you plan, devise and implement your publicity campaigns in the printed media.

With expertise and years of experience in industrial and business publishing, PB Media Services knows how the trade press works and has developed good relations with editors of construction-related publications around the globe. We know the publications to target and we know how to work with them to maximum effect.

Corporate newsletters and brochures

PB Media Services produces company newsletters for employees and/or customers. We also produce brochures and other corporate literature.

We can either supply finished artwork in digital format, ready for print, or for the complete package we can take care of the printing for you too.  


To keep your costs down, we can include site photography at no extra cost.